A Little Bit About Myself

Hello! My name is Adam Smith and in the classroom I want to try my best to incorporate technology in everything I do. One of the best ways to incorporate technology within the classroom is through technology such as Screenbeam (Amazon link here). I used screenbeam in my pre-internship and I loved it. What it does is allows you to walk around the classroom while having your laptop connect to the smartboard. Therefore you can control your powerpoints and change what is on the board while walking around and managing the class.

Below is a picture of me using screenbeam in the class. Note that I blocked off my student's faces and that in the red circle is my laptop.

My opinions on blogging are very hit or miss. Blogging is something that is good when you have the desire to blog, however I always felt as though if I assigned a blog to a grade nine class, half the class would hate it, a quarter will be indifferent, and the rest would like it. I feel like blogs are very similar to handouts.

The twitter account I am going to link is my own: This is my Twitter