Learning How to Edit Vidoes

For my EDTC300 learning project I have chosen to learn how to edit videos. I want to learn how to do this in the most inexpensive way however so that I can transfer this into my classroom. When first looking at video editing options the two most well known options are adobe premiere and final cut. The only issue with these two is that premiere is very expensive ($20/month!) and final cut is only found on apple computers.

Therefore after some research I have chosen to use the program DaVinci Resolve 16 (Link I found here). With this program there is a free to use option as well as a paid version. I am excited to learn how to use this program because so far whenever I made videos I would use OBS (Link to this here) and upload raw mp4 files to youtube. Being able to edit my videos means that I am able to make more mistakes while recording because everything does not have to be done at once.


  1. DaVinci resolve is a great resource and fantastic tool to use (a lot of professional movies are made using it). It can be a little tough to get started and understand. I have some experience with it so if you want some pointers or help let me know!

    1. Thank you for the feedbakc! I'll be sure to ask you any questions if they come up!


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